West West ft. Plus – Willy J Peso

Willy J Peso looks back on Detroit while enjoying the Cali sunshine on new track “West West.”


Detroit rapper Willy J Peso has been riding high for most of the year off the strength of December’s Sativa EP. Last month, he returned with his new single, “Bob Marley,” with which he announced the Sativa follow-up — appropriately titled Indica. The track was an uptempo smoker’s anthem that encouraged Bob Marley levels of consumption. The new Indica single, “West West,” finds Willy venturing to Cali in search of his favorite strain, and the summer vibes rub off on his style, as he ditches the quick, biting raps of Sativa for a calming, melodic flow. Before the smooth-riding hook, Willy injects some pain into his raps as he remembers everything that’s going on back in Detroit. He makes sure to smoke one for his hometown and take a mental snapshot of the West Coast lifestyle for his friends who won’t be able to see it for themselves.Willy’s frequent collaborator Plus drops the closing verse and also provides a vision that’s quite the opposite of what lies ahead in Cali. Their tough hometown grind is something that they’re ready to escape but not yet able to forget. “West West” is produced by Mister Crowe.Indica drops on July 15. Pick up the necessary supplies ahead of time.Quotable Lyrics

I brought the West side to the West Coast
One life to live so I’m livin’
I brought the West side to the West Coast
No fucks for me to be givin’

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